I am a Songfighter

Here is my first entry to Songfight.

They post a title, and there is a deadline for writing, recording and posting a song to the site. Then everyone gets together and talks about what a silly snare drum sound you've got. (actually there is reviewing and voting involved and this entry received exactly 0 votes, but the comments about the song were generally favorable)

Everyone is starting from the same (starting) place, so the skills really come out. I'm trying to approach it in a Brill Building, sort of 'I need a hit by lunch' way (but with my own brittle sonic tendencies).

There are technical things I would do to change the final mix of this song, but the assignment is over (the assignment was 'Night Terrors', it was Halloween-time) and I'm not in love with the song enough to do more work to it. The big accomplishment is finishing, and doing something with outside inspiration/influence.

Can you find the Bee Gees and Ipanema references?

Night Terrors

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