Don't cry for me...

Here is my second Songfight entry, "and counting" (Songfight's 500th title). I'd actually call this one "1000 Tears". I really like the song that this could be, but the deadline came and I submitted the entry below.

I'm going to continue to work on this song, so I'll post versions here to track the work in progress. I usually wouldn't do this, but the song is already out there with its' undergarments showing, so what the hell.

It's a fun song. I'm going for a 60's soul review vibe, with fuzz bass. On my todo list for this tune:
- fuzz up the bass more
- background vocals (of the stylized vintage variety–any volunteers? please comment with availability)
- fill out/flesh out piano
- strings, maybe (mellotron?)
- drum livening
- maracas and/or tambourine

1000 Tears (Songfight 'and counting')

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