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In case you've been hankering for new information on the Shoobedoobe front, here 'tis.

Should you happen to be checking this site using shobedoobe.org, that name is going away, to be replaced with shoobedoo.be -more fun, right?

I've got a number of creative and community activities going on–
The Coxcomb Shop has an Etsy storefront for those that like favorites and convos, an independent site which just got put up, but will be my main outlet for product.
Endeavors local to New Bedford and Fairhaven, MA here and here.
And the first shards of a new website at matcoes.com.

Please give my best to your families.

VOTE New Bedford!

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is pitting a handful of undeserved municipalities against New Bedford, Massachusetts in a bid to become the nation's top 'Distinctive Destination'.

I've been to a number of these places and, frankly, I think N.B. has an uphill battle ahead.
The power is in our hands {dastardly laugh}. You can VOTE for New Bedford each and every day (but just once a day) until March 15. You'll need to register, but they seem like a benign enough organisation to give your email address to.
I can imagine droves of seekers, exiting the highway to explore the debris by the sea, getting lost and frustrated, never finding their way out and staying in New Bedford forever. A new community of distinction, forging a new, New Bedford.
Join me, and VOTE New Bedford.

While you're at it, visit New Bedford Every Day. It hasn't been updated in forever, but really, neither has the city.
And finally, congratulations to Alma Del Mar, just approved as New Bedford's newest Charter School.

all together now

In Bb (B flat)
Darren Solomon has put together a block of 20 videos from submissions all playing meandering pieces (including spoken word) in the key of B flat.

it's beautiful.

via Hacker News

Proposal: '{' and '}' to be known as openstache, closestache.




Whenever I need to read something of any length on the web I use Readability. It reformats pages and gets rid of superfluous everything.

The setup instructions are fairly clear, but be sure to get the formatting to your liking first, then drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar.

The image above is from a New York Times article that looked like this.

Direct Representation

Since I became a voter, I've been in the habit of writing myself into uncontested offices, or positions that sounded like fun. Sheriff? Sure!
I encourage others to write me in to any seat that you think I would like.

This past winter I let the deadline for collecting signatures for nomination to one of my district's seats in Town Meeting lapse, and blew my chance for my first elected office.

Until election day.

There are 29 seats available in Precinct 2 in Town Meeting, and only about a dozen nominees.

You guessed it. I wrote myself in, bypassing all of the door knocking and ball-point mayhem, and I am now a card-carrying member of the Precinct 2 delegation to Fairhaven Town Meeting. For a 3 year term. With one vote.

Hail democracy.


"The idea that it is somehow 'dangerous' and 'irresponsible' to cycle without a helmet is a total myth. It merely puts people off cycling and contributes to the increase in the level of obesity and other inactivity-related illnesses, which kill tens of thousands of people every year. If we are to encourage people to take up cycling – with all its benefits for our health, our streets, our environment and our wallets – then we need to promote it as a safe and enjoyable way to get around for day-to-day travel, wearing normal clothes."   -Roger Geffen, UK Cyclist's Touring Club