Soundcloud | Autopilot

I've been spending time well spent over at Soundcloud. It's getting the "Flickr for music" idea a step closer to reality.

The bummer about audio on the web (anywhere, really) is that you can't scan it like a photo. And once you've devoted a few seconds to seeing whether a track is worth your while, you're invested and you spend longer than you'd like hoping it gets better. I guess that's where well-thought packaging (images, really) and well-written artist profiles come in.

I've hooked up with some good folk (Air King Sound, very cool site and works) over there, and contributed the drum portion of this tune to an awesome project called Autopilot. It's a random autoplay songmaking program that very often sounds great. They've got gallons of sound files over there, and I listen to it fairly often. I hope to be pleasantly surprised with my own work someday.

So if you want to browse and hear (mostly) unsigned music, very much of it worthwhile, sign up for Soundcloud. And if you need a daily soundtrack, tune into Autopilot.

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