The mystery of the great Texas blog flood... Solved!

Frequent readers (both of you), will recall the mystery of my immense popularity in Texas.
Well, with all of the free statistical tools available to me, I've finally solved the quandary.

I own a domain named It's my umbrella organization. I think it's kind of catchy, but it's currently only used as a pointer to this blog and costing me $15 a year*. In New Jersey, there's a tiny, square brick building with huge silver letters spelling out JERSEY CENTRAL POWER & LIGHT. I was so taken with the little structure that I registered the domain name. I've had it for decades.

Apparently some folks in Texas buy the electrical power needed to run their air poppers and televisions from, you guessed it, Central Power & Light (or CPL Retail Energy as it's now known, not nearly so catchy). It's a subsidiary of some megamonolith that shoots electrons along copper wires for profit.
The unfortunate folks in Texas, out looking to give their power company a piece of their mind, or to pay their bill, end up at and begin to question reality and their tenuous ties to it.

I'm here to help.

* UPDATE: I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier; I started a new blog filled with nonsense about power and energy and wise-ass comments, then loaded it up with ads. I'm currently generating revenue. HA!

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hurray for sherlock coes!!!