...and now, back to the music

I'm not too sure that my forays away from music were beneficial to this site, but I'm sure it will happen again.

This is another Songfight entry. There were a scant 4 days to work with the title "They control the weather". I went with "They (don't) control the weather" and in 2 hours came out with probably the weirdest song I've made. It's a loosely anti-conspiratorial rant that just doesn't make much sense, kind of catchy though, and dreadfully short. After the deadline I went on for another 2 hours and got this final mix.

They (don't) Control the Weather

I think I'm taking a Songfight break for a while. I feel the songs that are coming out of the process just aren't mine. I've written and started recording quite a few of the entries, but missed deadlines and scrapped the songs for this reason.

The trick for me now, is to pursue my own songs with the deadline mentality of Songfight. I've got piles (and piles) of songs (one verse, a beat, chords) in stacks of notebooks, minidiscs and folders on the hard drive.

Now Do...

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pretty damned neat!